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Large Office Floorplans for Lease

Commercial Office space >10,000 SF

Spacious and versatile, large office floor plans offer room for growth, collaboration, and customization. Ideal for businesses seeking flexibility and innovation in their workspace design.
Most spaces feature communal areas, meeting spaces, and breakout zones, making them an ideal choice for expanding businesses and those looking for a dynamic and adaptable work environment.

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450-470 West Hanes Mill Rd

Large office floor plans available on first and second floors in corporate campus with convenient highway access. 

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4265 Brownsboro Rd

First and second floor office space ranging from 1000 to 14000 SF. 

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7990-96 North Point Blvd

Part of the University Commercial Center, 7990 and 7996 North Point Blvd are beautiful 2-story buildings with a variety of floor plans and sizes available.  Large windows, natural light, and calming interiors make these perfect spots for small and large businesses.  

8064 North Point

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