Welcome to Cameron Commercial.  We strive to be your trusted partner for commercial and industrial property needs. With a deep-rooted commitment to the community and a passion for enhancing the value of your work, we are here to make your workplace a positive and productive experience.

We understand that every property is unique, and every business has distinct goals. We tailor our services to meet your specific needs, whether you require commercial office locations,  industrial facilities, or flex spaces. Our dedicated team combines local expertise with industry best practices to ensure your properties are well-maintained and consistently deliver on their potential.

Cameron Commercial owns and manages 2 million square feet of commercial office, industrial, and flex space in the greater Winston-Salem area.  
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Clarence Lambe, Jr.

Owner, CEO


Clarence Lambe, Jr. is the owner and CEO of Cameron Commercial.

Before founding Cameron Commercial, Clarence was a practicing attorney in Kernersville for over ten years.  He obtained his law degree from Wake Forst University School of Law in 1986.  

Under his guidance, Cameron Commercial has become a respected name in the industry, known for meticulous property care, transparent communication, and a dedication to the local business community. Clarence is a passionate community advocate, supporting local initiatives and charities.

Clarence’s legacy is a testament to the fusion of legal expertise and real estate management, creating transformative experiences for clients and communities alike. Beyond his professional pursuits, he enjoys tennis and piloting and is a leader at First Baptist Church of Kernersville. 

In his leadership at Cameron Commercial and Twin City Properties, Clarence exemplifies a commitment to excellence, ethics, and community engagement that continues to shape the real estate management landscape.

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Cameron Lambe Gilmore

DIrector of Sales & Operations

Cameron Lambe Gilmore is our Director of Sales and Operations.  

With a unique blend of legal enterprise sales experience, Cameron is passionate about driving business growth in the Triad area.

She obtained her law degree from UNC School of Law in 2016 and practiced Raleigh before returning to the Triad. 

Cameron maintains an unwavering commitment to ethical business practices and a knack for finding win-win solutions.  She handles leases, operations, and customer satisfaction at Cameron Commercial.

When not negotiating partnerships, Cameron is spending time with her family and three dogs. Born and raised in Kernersville, she loves spending time in many of the beautiful parks and trails across the Triad and is a dedicated member of Westover Church in Greensboro.  

Cameron brings a fresh perspective to real estate sales and management, while valuing the long-standing traditions and relationships that have led both Cameron Commercial and the greater Winston-Salem region to prosper. 

Katherine Lambe

Owner, Communications Director
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Kathy Lambe is the Co-Owner and Communications Director at Cameron Commercial.  Kathy brings a wealth of experience and strategic insight to the realm of corporate communication.

With a background steeped in communications, property management, insurance, and small business administration, Kathy possesses a diverse skill set that uniquely positions her for success in her role.

Her extensive knowledge of the real estate industry, coupled with a deep understanding of insurance dynamics, allows Kathy to craft communication strategies that not only resonate with stakeholders but also navigate the complexities of risk management.

Kathy demonstrates an exceptional ability to streamline operations and enhance organizational efficiency. This multifaceted expertise equips her to oversee the development of compelling content, manage media relations, and orchestrate effective communication campaigns.

Kathy is dedicated to fostering positive relationships with tenants and partners while maintaining transparency. Her commitment to building strong internal and external connections, coupled with her innovative and impactful communication initiatives, positions Cameron Commercial as an industry leader under her strategic guidance.

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Mitch Powell

Heading content
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Mitch Powell is the Facilities Director at Cameron Commercial.   As a licensed general contractor, Mitch combines a wealth of expertise in facility management with a deep understanding of construction and building operations.

In his role, Mitch oversees the comprehensive maintenance and functionality of our facilities while seamlessly integrating construction and renovation projects.

With an acute awareness of industry standards and local building codes, Mitch ensures that our facilities not only meet but exceed safety and compliance requirements.

This unique blend of facility management and construction acumen allows Mitch to implement cost-effective solutions, optimize operational efficiency, and maintain a high standard of quality throughout our facilities.

Under Mitch's leadership, Cameron Commercial benefits from a strategic and well-executed approach to facility management and construction projects.

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Becky Weaver

Office Manager
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As the Office Manager at Cameron Commercial, Becky brings a wealth of expertise to orchestrate seamless operations that contribute to the overall success of the organization.

With a background in legal administration, Becky possesses a keen eye for detail and a passion for efficiency, overseeing a myriad of administrative functions that keep the office running smoothly.

From managing schedules and coordinating meetings to implementing streamlined processes, Becky is committed to creating a productive and positive work environment for the team.

With a solid foundation in both property management and legal affairs, Becky navigates the complexities of real estate transactions and office operations with finesse. This unique blend of skills ensures that the office functions in alignment with the dynamic and ever-evolving real estate landscape while adhering to legal standards.

Becky thrives on the challenge of optimizing office processes, fostering effective communication, and supporting the growth and success of the property company.


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We value high quality service and are dedicated to tenant satisfaction.  

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We value the partnerships we’ve built with our local vendors for decades. 

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We strongly support local businesses and reinvest in our community.  

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